the future of peregrine (through means of kickstarter)

This project is going to act as the initial push in the scaling of Peregrine as a fully sustainable lifestyle brand. We started with a simple line of hand-poured soy wax scented candles and have always aimed to expand the range. Our target is to begin to make an impact on reducing the amount of damage we, as a generation, are doing to the planet.

To us, 100% sustainability is something that all businesses should be striving towards. We want to be able to achieve this internally, whilst also going a stage further by repurposing the waste products of other businesses. We think we can begin to do this by creating a range of lifestyle goods that actively reduce the amount of plastic we release into the environment, promote sustainability and educate the public on the topic of upcycling & repurposing.

Our candles were just the start. Our essentials range will remain, however, with the funding from this Kickstarter, we will also be releasing a second scent range using only soy wax and essential oils. This range will promote environmental awareness and the ways in which you can upcycle simple products.

Secondly, we will be launching a set of bamboo straws. The 'Plastic Oceans' campaign is well known, as is the push to remove plastic straws from circulation; if we receive funding, this would be our first step to being a part of this global movement. These staws are designed to be reusable and completely decompose in nature.

As well as that, we have teamed up with a London coffee shop to collect their spent coffee grinds and use them to create an all-natural coffee body scrub. This is just a simple step towards our goal of repurposing waste products, however, the emphasis will also be on educating the public to upcycling, and moving away from chemical cosmetics. This scrub is completely natural (just 3 basic ingredients) and is amazing for the skin, whilst giving a little boost to a morning shower.

Finally, we aim to take a step into sustainable fashion and, with the help of this Kickstarter campaign, will be releasing a small range of bamboo t-shirts. Having discovered bamboo fabric a year-or-so ago and falling in love with how soft it was, this felt like a natural step. The fabric is sustainable and, in our opinion, is much more comfortable than normal clothing materials. These shirts will promote our brand ideals and also give the public a small insight into how damaging the mass production of synthetic fabrics can be.

We also aim to partner with environmental charities in order to help in any other way we can, the details of which will be released as they are confirmed.

Thanks so much for reading and for your interest in Peregrine.

  • Matt & The Peregrine Team

"Waste isn't waste until we waste it." - Will.I.Am

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