Peregrine is a lifestyle brand focusing on creating products that minimise and repurpose wastage, whilst being 100% sustainable. Our target is to begin to make an impact on reducing the amount of damage we, as a generation, are doing to the planet. 

To us, 100% sustainability is something that all businesses should be striving towards. We want to be able to achieve this internally, whilst also going a stage further by repurposing the waste products of other businesses. We think we can begin to do this by creating a range of lifestyle goods that actively reduce the amount of plastic we release into the environment, promote sustainability and educate the public on the topic of upcycling & repurposing.

Launching in 2017 with a range of hand-poured scented soy wax candles, our offering has now expanded further into the eco-friendly, style-conscious lifestyle sector.

We love to work with other like-minded creators and curators, and are keen followers of the 'Hands Not Machines' lifestyle. We want to stay true to this way of working and continue to help promote other independent makers with the hope that this begins to change the general publics purchase routines.


We are always up for a chat, whether you're a maker or just someone who loves hand-crafted products. Feel free to get in touch at any time:

M: +44 (0) 7852 357650



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