Fig & Sugar

Fig & Sugar


"The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it." - Rudyard Kipling

For us, the smell of fresh, sweet figs draws up memories of Spain. Waking up in the morning to pick the juiciest, most plump figs from their branches, before they have a chance to be warmed by the sun, is one of the simplest delights there is. We've added a touch more sweetness to make this scent as comforting as it is fresh, and hope that it fills you with all sorts of delight.

Light our Fig & Sugar in any weather and be transported to a summer morning in Spain.

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Each candle comes in an amber glass jar topped with a black screw top lid. Our candles are made in very small batches to ensure you get a great, long-lasting scent that will fill your home/office/studio with nothing but the best smells.

The minimal design means our candles will fit into any style room, making them the perfect gift for any occasion.


- 100% natural soy wax & essential oils
- No additional colours or dyes
- Hand poured in very small batches
- 30+ hours burn time
- Made by hand in London