coffee body scrub - w/ sugar

coffee body scrub - w/ sugar


We have teamed up with a London coffee shop to collect their spent coffee grinds and use them to create an all-natural coffee body scrub.

This body scrub has a mass of benefits, including:

- The caffeine will typically increase your blood flow, and may reduce the appearance of cellulite, scars and marks whilst giving your skin a more even tone.

- The oil used can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and soften skin.

- The course sugar is an exfoliant that can help remove dry skin and promote new growth.

This is just a simple step towards our goal of repurposing waste products. This scrub is completely natural (just 3 basic ingredients) and is amazing for the skin, will give a little boost to your morning shower, and leave you feeling like a whole new person

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Coffee collected from The Watch House, Shad Thames